American Football in Japan

Now let’s talk about American Football in Japan!

Indeed, it is the 2nd country to have adopted this sport. This subject does not talk about rules or techniques, if you want more information, I invite you to ask our friend at all: Google.

First of all in Japan, there are 3 Divisions: The X league, the X league2 and the X league 3.

For the X league, it is divided into 3 divisions: the EAST, Central and West. The playing season is held between September and December. And the big final to choose the winner is called: The Japan X Bowl. The winner of the Japan X Bowl qualifies for the national final against the best university club (Koshien Bowl), also known as Rice Bowl.

As for the X League 2 (or X2), which is the second league of the JAFA (Japan American Football Association), this is where clubs can apply to join the X League. The teams in this division are divided into two categories. The Eastern Division consists of 11 Teams, and the Western Division consists of 6 Teams.

As for the X League 3 (or X3), it is the penultimate division of the Japanese American Football League. Its decomposition is different from the previous divisions since it depends on the region. The first is the Kansai region, which is then intersected into Block A and Block B. The second region is Kantô, which is also divided into Blocks A and B.

The national team:

Japan’s national team represents the Japan Football Federation in international competitions, such as the American Football World Cup.

The Japanese, two-time world champions, qualified for the World Cup finals in July 2007 at home, but lost their title to the United States, whose first appearance at the event was their first. At the level of their prize list they were world champions in 1999 and 2003, and vice champion in 2007.

There are also 2 other national competitions in addition to the league, that of high schools and universities:

So be it:

106 high school teams with nearly 2700 players.

220 university teams with nearly 9,500 players are divided into 8 regional groups. The season is from September to December. The national final is called the Koshien Bowl.