Why do Americans get into « soccer » football?

As the dominant sports in the United States, sports such as Basketball, American Football, Ice Hockey and even Baseball leave no place in the hearts of Americans for football. Suffering from the comparison with US Football, the sport played with a round ball is called « Soccer » in the United States. « Do not mix cloths and …

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The rules of American football

American football is a team sport involving two teams of eleven players who alternate between defence and attack. The goal of the game is to score points by carrying or throwing the ball to the opposing end zone. To maintain possession, the attacking team must travel at least 10 yards in 4 attempts (called « down »). …

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American Football in Japan


Now let’s talk about American Football in Japan! Indeed, it is the 2nd country to have adopted this sport. This subject does not talk about rules or techniques, if you want more information, I invite you to ask our friend at all: Google. First of all in Japan, there are 3 Divisions: The X league, …

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How much does an American football player earn ?

In a recent ranking of the 50 highest paid American athletes by Sport Illustrated, it appears that NFL players are neither in the majority nor well ranked. While the NFL is by far the most popular league in the United States where the market is almost saturated. Proof of this is the fact that the …

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What is the difference between American football and rugby?

American Football and Rugby are two very popular sports that bring together many fans on both sides. Despite their similarity, there is a big difference between the two disciplines. Apart from their creations and popularities, the difference extends to several points. Creation and geographical coverage Rugby was born in 1963 and already had its own …

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Why the seasons of American football are always different ?

Sport- American Football

I love US sports and in particular basketball and American football. Since I started playing this last sport, I have noticed something that has always appealed to me: from one year to the next, the top teams tend to change much more than in other sports. It is very rare for the same team to …

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